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As you’ll see, we’re producing an inspirational movie and 30 live action-taking events around the country.  But you want to grow your business now.  You want to make more money now.  So, we’re getting ready with programs, resources, and information you need now – to take your life to the next level.

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Want “More Money Now”?

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Speakers Inform & Prepare you to Build YOUR Small Biz Success Story


Welcome to the Movie & Events that Inspire
Small Biz Success in America

There’s never been a business-growth event like this
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  • 100% of Registration Fees go to a Local Nonprofit.

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It all started when Barbara Loraine went out on a 6-month road tour to gather small business success stories from across America for the documentary movie, “The Elephant In Your Room.” The movie is deeply inspiring, others are doing it and YOU CAN TOO!


And . . . we all know that Inspiration alone is not enough.  So, we planned 30 live events,

Get the Inspiration – Know How – Resources & Connections you need . . . to create
YOUR own small business success story.

It’s not just a movie, it’s a movement.
With live streaming & virtual events.
With must-have information and resources, where you can connect & follow-up.
So you can finally achieve the success you desire.

They say over 60% of people hate their jobs and 70% don’t make enough money – but complaining won’t help.
Inspiration alone won’t work to get you where you want to go. You need to learn how. You need resources. You need to discover what to do and when. You need to take action.
Join us for 30 live, red carpet “Small Biz Success America” events.

Ask about opportunities for
sponsors, speakers & vendors

Call 858-231-3140

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